Barbados – more beautiful than I remembered

I am back to my spectacular beachside flat.

Day 2: I walked out of my front gate, onto the beach, and there in front of me: 4 horses, in the sea. There is something so stunning about seeing these huge heavy clumsy-yet-elegant animals swimming like fish in the green-blue water under the sun. It took my break away.

You have got to love Barbados – the sea is so green, and so blue, and so so many colours that you can’t count them all.

Day 4; I went to the HOT POT, where regulars hailed me up. There weren’t many people there but a spirited discussion nonetheless about BOBOL (corruption) and other tiefery.

While gentlemen ussually arrive in their fancy cars, and park them on the beach, RAS BRADSHAW arrived on his old-fashioned bicycle, parked it, spent sometime tying up his dreads on top his head, then came to join the rest. He is ussually a quiet  listening presence in the group. I will interview him later this week.

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