Break Out


14-year-old Varia and her side-kick Audrey (who they call “Mice”) break out of a girl’s home in Belmont, and set off on a road trip to find their friend Pinkie in a village with a pretty name, Rampanalgas, on the North Coast.

Along the way, the boisterous vulnerable pair encounter life-changing adventures and mishaps, that challenge their perceptions and resources.

A road movie that explores the stunning diversity and physical beauty, urban and rural, of Trinidad, as well as the equally harsh and devastating inner terrain of its young characters’ lives.

St. Jude's Home for Girls - the only girl's reformatory institution in Trinidad & Tobago

Under-age sex and early sexual activity is very common in the Caribbean. Statistics in Trinidad for teenage pregnancy and sexual abuse according to UNICEF, are very high. These incidences perpetuate a culture of lost childhood among youth (technically defined as 16-25). Our research shows that young people 16 and up are now much “older” in their outlooks experience and behavior than youth in the past. Early adolescence and pre adolescene is now when girls are most vulnerable to abuse and exploitation into the sex trade. For this reason we chose to make our protagonist Varia 14 years old, and her sidekick Audrey (“Mice”) 12. Our aim is to highlight the vulnerability of ’at risk’ girls, and to challenge common misperceptions and prejudices about “Bad Girls”/street girls. It is also important to us as artists/activists to reflect the harsh and devastating reality of life for some young girls as accurately as possible.


Lisa Wickham is a formidably talented Media Producer, Director and TV Personality based in Trinidad. She began her career on television at the age of six, as the host of the weekly children’s show “Rikki Tikki” (1973-1985). She is currently the CEO of Imagine Media International Limited, best known for its line of television productions under the E-Zone Entertainment brand, which has been syndicated throughout the Caribbean and in the US on BET J. She is the founder-publisher of E-Zone the Mag! and the Caribbean Film and Media Academy, a training institution. In 2007 and 2008, she Produced and directed (for both stage and television) the highly acclaimed Annual COTT Music Awards.


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